Quartely Research Journal of Islamic History- Aims& Scopes
aims & scopes

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Based on extensive study of Islamic history, this journal will publish articles in these areas:
Political, Social, Cultural and Economic History of the Islamic World;
History of Islamic Religions;
The history of Islamic culture and civilization;
History of Iran Islamic period;
History of Developments in the Islamic World
History of Islamic Movements and Movements;
History of Islamic and Shiite thought and thought;
Islam and Shiite Studies in the West.

The purpose of this publication is to:
1.1. Expanding the frontiers of knowledge with the release of new research findings.
2.1. Expanding the bridge between researchers and scientific research centers.
3.1. Help to promote research in different fields and institutionalize research in the country.
4.1. Striving to meet the country's scientific and research needs.
5.1. Attempts to login to international databases.

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